My team and I were working through a tutorial to develop a SharePoint Online Add-In: Give your provider-hosted add-in the SharePoint look-and-feel. We ran into an issue where the connection string to our LOCALDB was throwing a SQL error 50. The errors ranged from a "network connection" issue where the database could not be connected, then … Continue reading Using LOCALDB


Finding your subscription overview

If you're using SharePoint Online in combination with Nintex Workflow and Forms, you can find current usage of these tools as follows: Log onto your SharePoint Online environment Click on the SharePoint list that uses Nintex Workflow and/or Forms Click on the "Nintex Workflow" button at the top of the list Using the navigation menu, go … Continue reading Finding your subscription overview

Simple Staff Directory on SharePoint Online

A note about SharePoint I work a lot on the SharePoint platforms and I'm finding it a little bit easier these days to find documentation and tutorials on common items that most organizations would love to have on their website. With that said, though, there is still a lot of areas that have gone undocumented or … Continue reading Simple Staff Directory on SharePoint Online