HTML5 Video and Cross-Origin Issues

Looking to make your HTML5 video code Section 508 / ADA and WCAG 2.0 compliant? Over the course of the past few months, there has been a need for placing video on websites that meet Section 508 / ADA and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. To meet these guidelines (WCAG 2.0 Guidelines found under 1.2, which also … Continue reading HTML5 Video and Cross-Origin Issues


Microsoft Build 2017: Keynote Takeaways

In February, when Microsoft Build opened its website for participant registration, I was astonished to see that the website intermittently went down as a result of the number of people trying to register (Read this: I am new to the Build conference, so it piqued my interest as to what it could offer to … Continue reading Microsoft Build 2017: Keynote Takeaways

Resource Roundup of the Week

This week, here are some great tools and/or resources for designers and developers: HTTP Archive: review web performance data, both current and historical. I found this tool useful in determining if my page sizes were within the norm. CSS Lint: a tool to check your CSS syntax. At a minimum, it checks the basic syntax … Continue reading Resource Roundup of the Week

Finding your subscription overview

If you're using SharePoint Online in combination with Nintex Workflow and Forms, you can find current usage of these tools as follows: Log onto your SharePoint Online environment Click on the SharePoint list that uses Nintex Workflow and/or Forms Click on the "Nintex Workflow" button at the top of the list Using the navigation menu, go … Continue reading Finding your subscription overview

Parameterized Queries using xMod Pro

It appears that xMod Pro, a module development solution to the DNN CMS, parameterizes their queries when specifying the "DataType" combined with their input tags for <AddForm> and <EditForm>. I'm sure it's for security reasons, but I have not found any literature to truly back me up with this except with re-reading the following (dated) … Continue reading Parameterized Queries using xMod Pro